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Hallowe’en Hullabaloo Pt. 12 – 1-800 Suicide

As of tomorrow at 3am I’ll be departing for Thailand for 10 days of diving and debauchery with my bro and some amigos. Maybe I’ll keep this up while away. maybe not. So here’s what may be the last installment for a while.

The album 6 Feet Deep by Gravediggaz was probably the first hip-hop album that ever really hooked me. Perhaps seeing them at the Reading Festival helped, the only rap band on a 3-day line-up of grunge and rock. More likely it was the lyrics though, none of the empty guns ‘n’ ganstas bollocks which turns me away from much of the rest of the genre. No, Gravediggaz dropped rhymes about death and what lies beyond, about serial skillers, spirits and suicides.

Which brings us to the track in question. 1-800 Suicide was always the Gravediggaz song for me, an entreaty to whiners and spoilt rich kids everywhere to just end it all. The meat of the lyrics comes from the ‘Diggaz suggestions on potential methods – from driving your car on LSD to hanging yourself with barbed wire. It’s not all about the lyrics though, the hypnotic bass line and smooth guitar hook give it an even more gleefully sinister air.

Enjoy. And feel free to try this at home.

Oh, and Daz is back in on the act in his own inimitable psychobilly  fashion. Here’s Batmobile with Zombie Riot, accompanied by some righteous snark about an overly religious idiot back in the UK.