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Hallowe’en Hullabaloo Pt. 10 – Silver Shamrock!

This one is just plain evil, sorry. Everyone remembers John Carpenter’s Hallowe’en, the film which kickstarted the stalk ‘n’ slash genre, gave birth to such legends as Jason and Freddy and still scares the living shit of people on an annual basis at horrorthons around the world. We still have a place in our hearts for Michael Meyers, the Shatner-masked, soulless killing machine relentlessly hounding his prey. Yet precious few remember (or allow themselves to remember) when the series too a bizarre turn in the third installment.

Hallowe’en 3: Season Of The Witch, starring John Carpenter favourite Tom Atkins, dropped all reference to Meyers and his universe. Instead we’re dropped into a bizarre conspiracy to harness the powers of Stonehenge in such a fashion as to curse electronic masks sold to children on Hallowe’en and thus take over the world by turning their faces into writhing masses of bugs and snakes after watching an advert containing subliminal cues. Confused? Yeah, so were the scriptwriters it seems.

Despite being a train wreck of a movie the advert’s jingle is insanely hummable. I thought I’d implant it in you just to ruin the run-up to Hallowe’en. Hehe. Evil me.