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More LCA+ shots

Finally got this film back after the fuckwits at the local processing store developed the negatives but forgot to scan them. Four days to get a film back? And not even a sniff of compensation… But ach, who cares? It’s the results that matter and I must say I’m still happy with the new toy. I’m still managing to forget about the focus zones and just today shot 8 pictures with the camera set to the wrong film rating but I’m getting there. By the way, all the shots I upload from it are entirely as given to me by the shop, no touching up afterwards at all. Guess there’s a purist streak hiding in me somewhere…

By the way, experimenting with this slideshow thing but I’m unsure as yet. What do you think?

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First shots from the LCA+

Whoop, got my first rolls of film back from the shop and the shots don’t all suck! Last time I used a film camera I remember always being disappointed when the developers would only return a handful of shots, the rest being washouts. The past couple of days I’d been expecting the same to happen, every shot blurred beyond belief or badly exposed. Surprise, surprise it’s actually not half bad, especially for a first run where I was basically just rapid-fire clicking to burn through the rolls and see some results.

Here are a few of the better shots…

Chalkboard wall at the back of Forro Cafe, my home from home

Outside Forro, I'm always tempted to ride this thing...

This is why I love Forro. Where else has a tree growing from the ceiling, next to a wall of Post-It notes and an Escher-esque staircase ending nowhere?

Chinese homework and a glass of 學校生咖啡 - perfection...Ivy and Ponni hard at work behind my Friday Night Beer (tm)

Ivy and Ponni again

Bear after a long shift - this girl works too hard 🙂


Bear and Asuka looking all spooky and double-exposed

Iced cappucino at my other favourite haunt, Match Cafe

Sarkis, one of my students. His name sounds like 'circus' and he acts like an animal. Funny that...Adrian hard at work in the teacher's room. I love how the colours make it look like a psychiatric institution. Very apt.

View from my rooftop at night

I just liked the text on the t-shirt 🙂

View down GongYi Road

The One Hotel, pretty much dead centre of town

Double exposure at CMP Block

This shot was only possible for a split second thanks to wind and a fidgety subject. Yay for lucky timing.

Kids outside CMP Block

Erm, I have no idea but I like it. Happy accident 🙂 I'd happily use this as an album cover actually...

That’s all for now, more to come when I get them developed. There were 72 in this first batch and they all, bar one, came out well. These were just my favourites. Verdict? I really, really like this camera. Things are going to get expensive…

New toy! My Lomo LCA+

Just couldn’t resist, savings be damned. I’ve indulged my photography addiction and got myself a new piece of kit. Not the ultra-wide lens I was planning on, not a new DSLR, but something completely different. Yes, I’ve finally succumbed and joined the ranks of film junkies – not with a bargain pro camera but with the Lomo LCA+, a refurbished Soviet icon which has attracted a cult following thanks to its vignetting, over-saturated colours and the charm of its simplistic design and solid build quality. My friend Bear at Forro Cafe (呼嚕咖啡) sang its praises over my initial choice, the Diana, and after five minutes of picking up her own older model and playing with it I was sold.

My Lomo LCA+ with wide angle lens attached (thanks to Bear at Forro Cafe for the photo!)

Taking the leap back to analogue photography isn’t easy after training yourself  in all things digital and becoming accustomed to the safety nets and comforters it provides. Near-unlimited storage thanks to increasingly cheap memory cards? Gone, now every shot counts and costs. Fire-and-forget photography is no longer an option, you have to get it right first time or not at all. The instant gratification of the LCD panel? Forget about it. Now I have to wait for a little counter to creep up to 36, find a camera store, wait for processing and printing and only then will I know if I got even a single keeper. The entire roll could be a bust, who knows? Even something as simple and commonplace as autofocus is gone – I now select from 4 ‘focus zones’ of 0.8m, 1.5m, 3m and infinity, the first three with unforgivingly narrow depth of focus. In fact any semblance of control is now gone: I choose my focus zone, ASA setting and that’s it. No white balance, no shutter speed or aperture, no B/W option, nothing. Scary…

Still, I did this in high school and absolutely loved it and I’m already feeling addiction creeping in with this camera. There’s something about not only hearing but really feeling the ‘click’ of the shutter button that makes it somehow more real (sorry to sound like an obnoxious hipster). Anticipating the development of the first roll already has me excited, despite the fact that I have to get someone else to do it. Note to self – look up places which might let me use darkrooms…As an added bonus, this new model has a nifty button on the underside which allows for simple multiple exposures without fiddling around with rewinding films – prepare for some uber-cheesy images! The wide angle lens I opted for as well (thanks to the Taichung Lomography Embassy Store for a good deal…) has given me the little bit of flexibility I need. The other accessories for the LCA+ are weird and wonderful and I’ll no doubt try them out soon enough but for now it’s time to play.

The only downside to this – I was given two rolls of 100ASA film as a starter but my hours and the current weather make that a less than perfect choice. I’ll burn through them as practice as quickly as possible and pick up some 400 to give me more shooting options. And maybe some expired film for shits and giggles. And a colour flash. And the tunnel vision lens. And… and… and…

Oh dear.