About Cannonball

Short history – I’m an early mid thirties (damn, that change hurt to make) male from Edinburgh who’s into playing bass, running, Muay Thai, reading and all sorts of geek stuff. Musically into rock/punk/metal mostly but also everything from blues to tango – anything except chart nonsense and hardcore dance stuff. And comics. And ridiculous/underground horror films. And cake. I work in internet marketing, specifically SEO, but have my eye on several potential career changes in the next few years – the Bill Hicks phrase “If you work in marketing or advertising… kill yourself” is constantly ringing in my ears.

I’m currently attempting a sort of reinvention of myself following a huge and tremendously depressing upheaval in my life, and a major part of this ‘new start’ is to try and gain some discipline, perspective and sanity. Creating and maintaining a blog is one way to do that I guess.  Given the way this blog started it doesn’t have any particular theme as such yet, although I hope one will develop naturally. In the meantime, should anyone stumble across it, please bear with the random ramblings…

Update – I recently moved to Thailand to teach English for a year or two, possibly kicking off a long-term career of overseas teaching. Fuck the UK, apart from my friends and family the place is a cesspit. The government’s fucked, the economy is in tatters, the people are predominantly fuckwitted Neanderthals – anywhere is better than there. So for now I live in Surat Thani, hence the new predominantly Thai flavour of the posts.

Update #2 – I left the wonderful town of Surat Thani some 7 or 8 months ago now, can’t believe it’s that long but I’ll be back there eventually. Unfortunately money became an issue so I’m currently building up my bank balance to a less dangerous level in the higher-paying land of Taiwan. The plan is probably two years of saving then back to Thailand but who knows, my plans have a knack of melting before my eyes…

PS – About the name… Apparently there’s a band out there called Cannonball Jones and I’d just like to say that I absolutely did not steal their name and hadn’t even heard of them till a couple of years back. Basically when I started work with my last company in 2002 we were a small team of six and there were two of us with the same name. To avoid confusion I elected to be called ‘Cannonball’ as I’d recently been watching The Cannonaball Run. Eventually it dawned on me that ‘Jones’ was a fitting surname for one called Cannonball and, in my head at least, this became my stage name with my band Kiltreiser (The other members are called Crucifix Johnson, Rapid McAllister and, possibly, Krakatoa Smith…). Oh, and it’s nothing to do with the Warren Ellis comic ‘Desolation Jones’ either…


7 responses to “About Cannonball

  1. Heya Cannonball,

    I followed your link off of BoingBoing. Sorry to hear about your year of upheaval, man. I had something similar back in 2000 it sucked but it looks like you’ve figured out what I finally learned – it does end.

    Big up for starting Muay Thai, too. I did San Shou kickboxing but we’d train and fight Muay Thai for tournaments now and again. Keeping healthy and active is definitely vital, though, so stay careful with those kicks, eh? After a similar x-ray experience I switched to the less-bruising capoeira angola, but I do miss sparring.

    Sorry to blather, and hope life is treating you well.

    – Elijah

  2. Cheers for the support! I actually tried a capoeira class in December and meant to go back to it but then I tried Muay Thai and didn’t look back. Guess I needed a bit of an outlet for aggression 🙂

  3. Hey, Cannonball.

    Your Pen/Blog Name connotes
    a fiery, devastating outcome.

    But reinventing oneself
    ought to be a good change for the better
    after a ‘tremendous depressing upheaval’
    usually does get the better of us men.

    On another note… you are into
    Online Marketing (and health)?
    I am an organic farmer
    in the Philippines.

    I wonder if in your part of the world,
    you might spark interest in our
    mountain-bred, native-DNA
    organic red rice?

    Thank you.

  4. I too, read your post on Boing Boing and wanted to give you a shout out of encouragement. Props to you for setting goals and doing stuff! After poking around your site, I imagine I’ll be inspired by your athletic regimen. Take care!

  5. Can’t remember how I came to your blog. Through random links I guess. I think what you are doing is amazing. So many people talk about changing themselves or improving their lives and you actually did. Bravo. The bit about Vietnam sucks, but best of luck. And remember God is watching out for ya. He always is.

  6. Thanks for the kind words Dill, much appreciated. Got a question – if god is watching (hope he doesn’t mind me listening to Sabbath) do you think she could fast-forward the next 6 days? Not that I’m wanting to get out of ‘Nam as such, just that in 6 days I’ll be seeing someone incredibly sweet, smart, funny, beautiful, thoughtful, kind and just generally wonderful for the first time in ages and I could use a time machine or something to make it happen sooner 🙂

  7. Cannonball,

    Nice blog. I found you as I searched for info about Taichung. I’ve just arrived here, and my wife and I are getting settled. Funny enough, I got a job at Shane as well, in Nantun. I’m glad to hear that things are looking up for you. See you around town sometime.


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