Marines, we are leaving!

Okay, I give up. With the best intentions I am utterly failing to keep this thing up to date. I need a push to remind me and the daily grind just doesn’t provide it. Unless I regain my mojo this personal blog is shutting up shop. It may return, who knows? For now a leave of absence is required. Adieu.

However, there will still be writing – this is merely the wrong location. My rate of book consumption has rocketed again since acquiring a Kobo 18 months ago. In this neck of the woods there are precious few with whom to share my latest finds. Those who understand don’t give a damn for my tastes and those who give a damn don’t understand. Detailed synopses are beyond my current Mandarin skills. Hence a new blog where I will spew out my thoughts on all things literary. Please direct your attention to The Taichung Bookworm.

By the way, the new blog was inspired by my old friend Sya who invited me to review books for her rather wonderful Mountains Of Instead blog. I’ll be continuing to post there on a regular basis as long as she’ll have me. My blog is merely a means to increase my output. Hope you find something at both place to tickle your tastebuds.

For now, consider The Life And Times on hiatus.


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