Books, forts and help for a friend

Wow, it’s dusty in here. Been a while – again. Anyway I have returned on a mission, well at least to help a friend with a mission. For some time now I have been writing the odd book review for my friend’s blog back in Scotland. It’s called Mountains Of Instead and is predominantly concerned with Young Adult fiction, although my reviews are mostly far from that mould.

Anyway, Splendibird, as she’s calling herself these days, is pursuing a rather tasty sideline as Mira Ink‘s in-house blogger and as such has been tasked with reaching as many potential readers as possible. Now this is hardly Boing-Boing. I look around and see many a tumbleweed but nary a single comment. However I will do what I can and at least give her debut vlogging attempt a shout-out. It has books! A fort of books! So please go have a look and spend some time on her blog as well – you may well find some choice Christmas gifts for the bibliophile in your life…


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