Hallowe’en Hullabaloo Pt. 13 – Werewolves!

Sorry, didn’t post a thing for the past fortnight due to entirely foreseen circumstances, viz. being in Thailand to learn how to scuba dive. Yes, it was amazing. No, I didn’t see any sharks. Yes, I miss it already and want to go back.

Anyhoo, the big day is almost upon us so back to the music. Today is an omnibus edition to make up for lost time so to help grease the wheels I decided on a theme – lycanthropy. Why? Because fuck vampires, that’s why.

First up is the hideously underrated TV On The Radio with Wolf Like Me, a tune first brought to my attention by my personal musical hero  Mr Greg Dulli incorporating it into one of his tunes during a Twilight Singers tour. It instantly turned me on to the band with its sexual play on werewolf imagery. Best line? “When the moon is round and full, gonna teach you tricks that’ll blow your mongrel mind.”

This next one is included purely out of my love for the film An American Werewolf In London. That it happens to be an immensely enjoyable tune is a bonus. I know next to nothing about Warren Zevon but stumbled across this number, Werewolves Of London, a few years back. Must investigate further.

And for the finale to a shapeshifter extravaganza, it really could be none other. This clip has it all – werewolves, sexy nuns, primal rock ‘n’ roll and the most gloriously eccentric and insane frontman on the planet. Sit back and enjoy the wonder of She Said, brought to you by the sublime Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Good night, should be back tomorrow to conclude the shenanigans.



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