Hallowe’en Hullabaloo Pt. 1 – Back from the dead

Hmm, long time since the last post. Moving swiftly on…

The more prescient among you may have noticed that the cosmos has accidentally fallen asleep on the Fast Forward button and we now inexplicably find ourselves in October. Last year I, along with Daz at The Dixie Flatline, contrived to present a series of music videos concerned with or at least named after zombies. You know, Hallowe’en and all that. Well this year I’m revisiting the theme in order to get my arse using this blog again. Maybe it’ll stick.

New year, new rules. This time round it’s open season – anything vaguely Hallowe’en-related makes the grade. Ghosts and ghouls, vampires and werewolves, murderers and madmen. Genre isn’t an issue, I’ll take metal, skiffle, hip-hop, pop, hillbillies, rockabillies, psychobillies, whatever takes my fancy. The only rule is one – and only one – music video per day for the rest of the month*. If you have your own blog,f eel free to follow suit and link to your posts in the comments here. I’ll link to anyone following suit in my posts each day.

To kick us off it seems apt to start with Hallowe’en itself. Anyone know Claudio Simonetti? Anyone? Bueller? Nope, okay. Claudio was once keyboardist in Italian prog masters Goblin, providers of the soundtracks to Dario Argento’s finest movies. Since then he’s been biding his time in prog/metal combo Daemonia and memorably played a solo show at Edinburgh’s Dead By Dawn horror film festival which I was lucky enough to catch. Here they are with the soundtrack from John Carpenter’s all-time classic Hallowe’en, seguing cheekily into Tubular Bells.

* – Okay not strictly one per day but definitely a maximum of 31 for the month. It’s the 4th so you have 3 videos in reserve if you want to double up some days!


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