Chinese Diary (中文日记) Part 1

Since one of my New Years’s resolutions is to learn to read and write 1,500 Chinese characters I’ve been thinking of ways to get some practice. This is one such idea. Each week Wendy (安欣), my Chinese tutor, has me write a diary in ZhuYin, the Taiwanese phonetic alphabet, to practice my new vocabulary. Given that I’m just a beginner it’s hardly Samuel Pepys but it’s enough to try some new grammar and the like. However, the fact that it’s in ZhuYin (or BoPoMoFo) means that I don’t actually write the characters so I hit upon an idea – type my ZhuYin into a Google Translate box and I can get rough guesses for all the characters I don’t already recognise (i.e. the overwhelming majority of them).

This is the result. I’m hoping that I can use this exercise to a) get quicker at using ZhuYin input on my computer, b) speed the process of character recognition and c) get some constructive criticism from friends and corrections from Wendy. The first batch is from the first week of the year when I was hideously ill with pneumonia. Future updates will not be in chronological order, they will be posted at haphazard intervals and they will mostly consist of shoddy Chinese. For my non-Chinese speaking buddies around the world – just run it through Google Translate and trust me when I say it actually makes sense…

Oh, and thanks to Bear (熊熊), 我的女朋友, for her help and patience with correcting this 🙂

1/1 – 我下午兩點去呼嚕咖啡,可是我覺得我感冒了。我七點和熊熊一起去日本餐廳吃晚餐。好吃!因爲我生病了,所以我九點就回家了。

2/1 – 因爲安欣去了韓國和她的男朋友碰面,所以我不用上課。我還在生病所以我早一點十一點鐘就去補習班,再去看醫生。他告訴我「你一定要去醫院!」。所以我去了醫院。醫生跟我說我有肺炎,好可怕!我回家,吃很多的藥。我很悽慘。

3/1 因爲我生病,所以不用上課。我應該要休息但是我還是去了默契咖啡,喝普洱茶。很好喝!我寫了三個小時的中文字。

4/1 我還是在生病。我早上去呼嚕咖啡一下子就回家了。我晚上看很多的電視。

5/1 下午熊熊來我家。她媽媽幫我煮的湯麵,真的好吃!雖然我生病,但是這讓我很開心。

6/1 我今天身體覺得有點糟所以我和我的老闆的妹婿去醫院。醫生給我很多的新藥。

7/1 我下午去默契咖啡,喝普洱茶和學中文字。晚上熊熊來我家。我們吃晚餐,看「Real Steel」然後上英文課!我們兩點左右睡覺。

8/1 我好了,可是我的聽力還是不好。中午我去默契咖啡寫作業。我好多了!

P.S. I know that this is a very short entry. Most will be even shorter as this takes me an insane amount of time to do 🙂


2 responses to “Chinese Diary (中文日记) Part 1

  1. 1/1:諱回家了 don’t need the 諱
    5/1:她媽媽幫我煮的湯麵!真的好吃! you should drop the first “!”
    they should be just one sentence 🙂 that might be my bad! i guess i missed that mistake when i checked your diary :p

  2. oh BTW, good job!!! really good job 🙂

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