Zombiethon Day 9 – “Zombie Hop” by Zombina And The Skeletones

Goddamn it, that’s three times since I started this damn fool crusade that other people have posted songs I planned to use before I got the chance. First it was Doc in the comments with The Spazzys, then Daz beat me to the punch with The Cramps and yesterday Alice stole my planned penultimate number, Rob Zombie’s ‘Living Dead Girl’. Never mind, today I respond with a double bill of brain-munching musical mayhem in anticipation of tomorrow’s final installment.

First on the chopping board is Zombina And The Skeletones with ‘Zombie Hop’. I don’t really know too much about this lot as I only stumbled on them by happy accident a couple of weeks ago but I like their style. Trashy, schlocky, theatrical and definitely rocking. Plus how could I not include them with a name like that?

Next is doom/sludge/stoner rock stalwarts Electric Wizard with an homage to zombie flick, “The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue”. I’m not always a fan of this kind of music but these guys do it for me. Many thanks to Nova Tea Jim for introducing me to them a few months back.

I’m off to nurse a hangover caused by a Hallowe’en party in the mountains around Taichung last night. I learned a few things there – wearing a full-face evil clown mask is sweaty, smelly and makes it difficult to drink; cheap-ass Freddy Kruger gloves are liable to fall apart within hours of being removed from the packaging; and it’s very, very difficult to drive a scooter while wearing a kilt and retain any semblance of diginity. Till tomorrow…


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