Zombiethon Day 7 – Faith No More double feature!

Holy crap, only four more days of this fiasco left and I still have  a cryptload of songs to post. Best get cracking so today I’ll cheat a little. Actually only one of today’s songs is specifically zombie-related, the other is more tangential but I’ll explain why I’m using it in a moment…

Today we’re hearing from one of the Greatest Rock Bands Ever, fronted by my favourite demented and multi-talented vocalist. Yup, it’s Faith No More. I’m not the biggest fan of FNM’s first couple of albums – they have some great tunes but Chuck Moseley’s utterly dreadful vocals pretty much ruin them for me. It sounds like he had to be dragged into the studio kicking and screaming and then heavily drugged before he’d contribute anything. Then  they kicked him to the kerb, hired the warped genius that is Mike Patton and everything changed. The Real Thing was an amazing rock album that really captured the zeitgeist, before Mike’s influence started twisting their sound into something darker and altogether more wonderful. Watching a reformed FNM at Austria’s Nova Rock in 2009 (preceded by Gogol Bordello and followed by a thoroughly transcendent Nine Inch Nails) was one of the high points of my gig-going career.

Back to the songs though. First up is “Zombie Eaters”, definitely eligible for the Zombiethon due to the title. The subject matter is more about parasites than zombies – babies to be precise 🙂  Yeah, those drooling, barely animate hunks of matter that do precious little but moan and eat. And destroy our braaaaiiiins. Oh, and the bass sound when it kicks in at the 2:00 mark is nothing short of incredible, I need that sound…

The next choice, from the same album, is Surprise, You’re Dead. No mention of zombies in the title BUT it does deal with the undead, more precisely vampires. Let’s take a second to consider the vampire. They’re dead, right? Dead people walking about and craving parts of the living? Just blood instead of brains, yeah? And if they bite you, you get infected and become one of them. Sounds like zombies to me. Just a different diet is all, saying they’re not zombies is like saying vegans aren’t human (okay, I’d argue that that is actually the case but still…). So here, along with some awesomely metaltastic riffs, is Faith No More’s ode to the zombie’s more sartorially elegant cousin.

Before we go, here’s the latest from Daz over at The Dixie Flatline, stealing one I already planned to use (that’s happened twice now), not that I mind. Great song 🙂 We also have someone else joining the fold, although not strictly playing the same game. Welcome to Alice at Sprinkling Of Alice! Until tomorrow, enjoy the tunes.


4 responses to “Zombiethon Day 7 – Faith No More double feature!

  1. “although not strictly playing the same game”

    I’m allergic to following the rules. 😉 (Thanks for the welcome though!)

    I dig the Zombie Eaters tune, love that bass.

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  4. I’m trying to work out how the hell they got that sound! Closest I’ve heard was a guitar valve-amp with a loose tube on Johnny Burnette’s version of Train Kept A-Rollin’. Very fuzzy, but not in the way that max-gain is.

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