Zombiethon Day 6 – “Zombies DJ’s Killers (Fuck Rock Stars Pt 1)” by The Inspector Cluzo

Today’s track is a slice of irreverently rockin’ bassless mayhem from the Greatest Living Frenchmen ™, also known as The Inspector Cluzo. The Inspector first appeared on my radar a few years ago supporting Suicidal Tendencies at a show in Paris. Jon and I hadn’t heard of them before the gig and didn’t know what to expect. What followed was 30 minutes of sheer rock power, one of the finest live acts to grace today’s stages – just drums and a guitar but enough energy to fill a stadium, never mind the cramped and sweaty hall we found ourselves in. As luck would have them they also supported Suicidal on their next tour when we caught them in Amsterdam. This time we were prepared and, kilts and all, were rocking out enough to be invited onstage to sing some impromptu backing vocals for “Fuck The Bass Player”, TIC’s homage to their non-existent band member. Footage of this exists somewhere in the murky depths of YouTube…

This song and video touches a subject very close to my heart. Creative people play instruments. Musicians make music. DJs are just iPods with egos… The Inspector dishes out some musical justice in this clip.


2 responses to “Zombiethon Day 6 – “Zombies DJ’s Killers (Fuck Rock Stars Pt 1)” by The Inspector Cluzo

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  2. The legion of the undead is growing!

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