Zombiethon Day 5 – “Zombi Main Theme” by Goblin

This is the first post I feel obliged to apologise for although it’s probably my personal favourite. Anyone out there who isn’t a fan of 70’s Italian instrumental prog rock would be advised to leave now. For those who are unaware, Goblin created the soundtracks to a whole slew of horror movies from the 70s and 80s, particularly the classic works of Dario Argento before he started pumping  out crap like Giallo. This piece comes from the George A Romero’s masterwork Dawn Of The Dead, titled Zombi in many parts of the world and therefore eligible for the Zombiethon. Goblin’s dischordant tunes and occasionally shoddy production added an extra dimension of unease to a wonderful movie, something woefully absent in the modern remake (FYI I like the remake but it’s still just a brainless action flick and not a patch on the original).

Some years ago I had the pleasure of seeing Claudio Simonetti, erstwhile keyboardist with Goblin and currently working with Daemonia, play a solo set to the crowd of horror fiends at Dead By Dawn, Edinburgh’s annual horror movie festival. Seeing him throw out classic themes from Hallowe’en, Suspiria and, of course, Zombi, was an utter joy. Thoroughly nice chap, thoroughly demented music. Enjoy….

Oh, and here’s Daz’s response to Day 4 – The Reverend Beat Man with the rather wonderful Jesus Christ Twist. Check it out at The Dixie Flatline


3 responses to “Zombiethon Day 5 – “Zombi Main Theme” by Goblin

  1. There was me thinking you couldn’t top the misfits… nice work. Still can’t believe how good goblin’s live show was earlier this year.

    Here’s another tune for the pile…

    Spazzys – Zombie Girl

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  3. Doc, you terrible cunt! I was going to use that in a couple of days, now I have to dig around for a new one :p

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