Zombiethon Day 4 – “Zombie Jamboree” by Harry Belafonte

Complete change of pace today, going back to the days of voodoo and the original zombies, long before George Romero got his hands on them and created the phenomenon we see today.  Harry Belafonte spins a tale of a zombie party getting out of control in a New York cemetery, undead revellers getting rowdy and culminating in a zombie King Kong on the Empire State Building. Why has nobody made a movie of this song yet? My favourite lines are:

“One female zombie, she wouldn’t behave,
See how she’s dancing out of the grave.
In one hand she’s holding a quart of rum;
The other hand is knocking a conga drum.”

Who wouldn’t pay to see that on the big screen? Maybe I’ll settle for re-enacting it in Taichung for Hallowe’en. Who’s with me?

One downside to choosing this song though. For some reason now I can’t stop singing “Zombie Jamboree, I got all my zombies and me” to the tune of “We Are Family”. My head is a disturbing place to be. Anyway, enjoy the tune 🙂


2 responses to “Zombiethon Day 4 – “Zombie Jamboree” by Harry Belafonte

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  2. Where on Earth did you dig that one up from? I hadn’t thought of the We Are Family rewrite until you said, but I just know I’m going to hear that line whenever I hear the song, now. Thanks, … I think!

    Next year, general horror-themed I reckon. Anyway, here’s me latest.

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