TILAT #3: The beautiful randomness

Short one today but I had to share it before I forgot. Yesterday I arrived at school to the sight of my boss performing what looked like a chemistry experiment on the front desk of the school. In front of him were an array of empty plastic water bottles, each cut in half with the top section inverted and stuck into the bottom to form a kind of funnel. Inside each of the bottles was a strangely dehydrated-urine-like liquid into which he was carefully measuring some mysterious light brown powder.

“Eric, what on earth are you doing?”, I inquired. Apparently the liquid was some sort of sugar solution into which he was pouring the mystery granules for the purpose of creating some kind of anti-mosquito swimming pool. He showed me the packet – yeast. “Wait a minute,” I thought, “sugar plus water plus yeast equals… moonshine?” Surely not?

“Eric, you do realise you’re making booze? Illegal hooch? In the front entrance of a school?”
“Hahaha, yes. It attracts the mosquitoes and they drown. Haha. But yes, I think it makes alcohol. Hahaha.”
“You realise that if this was the UK you’d be on your way to jail?”
“Hahaha yes, but I think no mosquitoes is good and I read this online.”

At which point he went back to his illicit still and continued the booze production line. In the end I never saw any of the bottles out for their purported purpose, perhaps he drank them instead. Anyway, that’s pretty much Taiwan (or really Asia in general) in a nutshell. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing, pay no heed to how crazy it may seem. As long as you have any kind of half-assed justification just laugh it off and go with the flow. Wonderful 🙂


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