TILAT #1: It’s always morning!

TILAT, or ‘Things I Like About Taiwan’, hopefully an ongoing series of short posts detailing the upsides of my current home. Lately I’ve not been quite so chipper so this is a conscious attempt to buck up my mood and force me to appreciate all that is wonderful in the world. Here goes…

As the title suggests, it’s always morning in Taiwan. “But Cannonball, what on earth can you mean?”, I hear you cry. Well of course it’s not literally always a.m. but thanks to some quirk of English classes in government schools (I assume) you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was. For some reason the standard greeting delivered to a stranger, regardless of nationality, seems to be a melodic, mellifluous “Good morning!” Every time I pass the cleaning ladies in my building it’s “Good morning!”, when I run to 7/11 for some milk after my morning gym session or a late-night dark chocolate and cherry ice cream treat it’s “Good morning!”. Returning from a mid-afternoon photo expedition at the weekend there’s always a “Good morning!” from the security guard at my apartment.

When I first arrived I must admit I found it grating – “Morning? It’s 3pm, what time zone are you living in?”. Two months in and it’s grown on my to the point where I’m signing “Good morning!” back with a smile on my face and joy in my heart at living in this land of eternal sunrise. Take it from me – try using “Good morning!” wherever you are, regardless of the time and bask in the glorious lightening of your  mood that it brings…


One response to “TILAT #1: It’s always morning!

  1. I do! And have done for years 😀 Might move to Taiwan, where at last, I may be accepted…

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