(Another notebook entry – Kuwait Airport, 19th Nov 2010)

All this I wish for you.

To never feel you have to be anyone but who you are inside.
To never have to suffer the fools of the world, those who exist at the centres of their own universes.
To never have to hold yourself back from doing what you know if right.
To never fool yourself that right is wrong.
To be able to open yourself to all the joy, beauty, wonder and bewilderment in the world.
To never feel that you have to hide like a wild fox cowering before the rabid dogs of your past.
To live fully and completely, as is every moment were your last, without fear for the future.
To have the strength to face your mistakes, place them forever behind you, and continue to look forward.
To never fear, worry about or blame yourself for that which lies outwith your control.
To bury the person you were in the past and celebrate the person you are.
To move on without guilt or regret.
To have the same faith in yourself that you do in other aspects of your life and recognise that the goodness I see springs from within you and nowhere else.

To find another who will love you as much, as truly, as deeply and as selflessly as I did.
But never to forget that I love you still.

All this I wish for you.


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