Heads Roll Off

Today Skepchick reminded me of the wonderful Frightened Rabbit and their song “Heads Roll Off”. I love this song and the subject matter (religion, afterlife) is close to my heart right now.

Coincidentally another blog I read regularly has a post on the same subject right now. I posed this question to someone recently – “Do you believe that, despite trying to lead a good life and trying to do my best for others, I’m going to spend eternity being tortured just because I don’t profess a belief in your particular god?” I never got an answer and I can’t tell you how much that still worries me. Not the answer, as far as I’m concerned heaven and hell are inventions, the carrot and the stick used to keep the flock in line, but the fact that I didn’t get one at all. To that person – ff you ever read this I still want to know what you honestly think.


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