365 Pictures – 26th September 2010

Not a single picture of students in this batch! Amazing! Well it is school holidays now I suppose…

No. 65, 19/09/10 - Wonderful cabinet of creepy Corpse Bride-style dolls in a coffee shop just off Ratbumrung

No. 66, 20/09/10 - Sunset over Surat's rooftops

No. 67, 21/09/10 - I'm going to miss the creepy mannequins when I leave...

No. 68, 22/09/10 - Nui entranced by lunchtime soaps at Cafe'ine

No. 69, 23/09/10 - Best paenang gai, massuman satek and gai med mak muang ever 🙂

No. 70, 24/09/10 - Shipwrecked in Surat

No. 71, 25/09/10 - Brollies, brollies everywhere - bizarrely beautiful display in Coliseum (FYI cameras aren't allowed in there...)

Time to prepare for parent’s day at Suratpittaya, but not before indulging myself in an overdose of Electric Six. I got dance fever and the only prescription is Dick Valentine…


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