365 Pictures – 19th September 2010

Been a long week – covering classes for absent and ill teachers plus illness and all that malarkey. On the plus side, I rediscovered the joys of Ivor Cutler. On the minus side, the last two minutes of Dexter season four ruined everything. Everything. So if these pics are a tad lacklustre I have plenty of excuses…

No 58, 12/09/10 - Spent an afternoon out at Tigger's place trying in vain to get Unbuntu to speak to his wireless card. Lots of serenity out there. How's the serenity...

No. 59, 13/09/10 - Tasty treats at le marche de la nuit/das nachtmarkt/the night market.

No. 60, 14/09/10 - Random artwork I found downstairs when leaving The Language that day. Brought a smile to my sour, cynical and jaded face. 🙂

No. 61, 15/09/10 - Covered for Kayla out at Joy School and got so many photos during sports time.

No. 62, 16/09/10 - Love the creepy eyes on this statue down by the river...

No. 63, 17/09/10 - Surat from the river down by Wang Tai hotel

No. 64, 19/09/10 - I pass these flags pretty much every day but never noticed how cool they looked.


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