365 Pictures – 12th September 2010

Wow, I’m actually managing to keep this up! To be honest it gets easier the longer you do it, becomes almost a habit. As long as I can tear myself away from Dexter’s 4th season I should be fine for at least another week…

No. 51, 5th September 2010 - Looks like my desk could use something of a tidy...

No. 52, 6th September 2010 - Stumbled across this sad scene in one of the backstreets behind my flat. Almost wanted to take them home before the binmen got them.

No. 53, 7th September 2010 - R.I.P Jings and Crivvens. A student gave me these fish in this very jam jar. Transferred them to a proper bowl but alass, they couldn't hack it.

No. 54, 8th September 2010 - The graveyard of confiscated balls in Suratpittaya

No. 55, 9th September 2010 - Student artwork from our office at Suratpittaya

No 56, 10th September 2010 - Floral tributes at the city shrine in Surat

No. 57, 11th September 2010 - Stormclouds over Surat

More of the same next week…


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