The Thai-light Zone – Episode 3

Did you manage to get any sleep after yesterday’s installment? See any shadows on the wall, hear any wailing and gnashing of teeth? Well at least in that little episode there was no bloodshed, no-one was hurt and we had a relatively happy ending – a safe one at any rate. Not so tonight, far from it…

Tonight we venture into the darkest reaches of Team’s psyche, all the way to the end of the world. Well, not the whole world but certainly the world as we know it. Steel your nerves and prepare for the darkness, the dread that is…

Mummy Monster

Last five thousand years. It had many mummies in the world. The mummy could kill the humen. And then in the world. It had 5 heroes and 5 millions mummies. Heroes were magic. They could use many skill magic.

Heroes met mummies and fight very long times. Heroes were tired. They could kill 3 million mommies. Heroes met the master mommy.

The master mommy was a very strong body. He could kill heroes. And the world didn’t has human. They had only mummies.


Words fail me on this one. I’m normally a fan of apocalyptic fiction, I Am Legend, Lucifer’s Hammer and all that jazz, but this one gave me the cold sweats for a week. “They had only mummies” – has there ever been a more chilling end to a tale? It’s up their with the literary masters, that’s for sure. Anyway by now I’m sure your pulse is pounding, your heart straining to deliver that now ice-cold blood to your trembling fingertips, so I’ll bid you adieu until tomorrow for our penultimate platter of bone-jarring thrills and pant-wetting spills. Sweet dreams…


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