The Thai-light Zone – Episode 2

So, you’re back for more huh? The epic saga of Joe’s struggle against the volcano Dark Dimond wasn’t enough for you? Well prepare yourselves, because I have at my fingertips a tale of tantalising terror so twisted you’ll be going to sleep with the lights on for months afterwards. From the dark and haunted imagination of the one and only Nan comes a nightmare you’d swear was penned by Beelzebub himself. Strap yourselves in and get ready for…

The Girl Saw Shadow

In market had emtry home. Later a fimily to determined bought this home for to lived and opened the shop. This fimily had father, mother, daughter and son.

In the morning, This fimily opened shop. that night. Father and mother sletp in one room and daughter and son sletp in other room. Everybody in house are slept but daughter was sleptless because of her brother snored too loud so she looked at the window suddenly she heared the women cried. She many shocked and found the source of women voice. When she looked at the walls she saw women shadow.

In the morning she told a story that happened to her father and mother. They are either not believed her.

My word, I’m almost fainting from shock just typing that. The build-up of tension is so rapid and so extreme that you barely have time to breathe before BLAM!, you’re hit square between the eyes by that climax. As I’m sure, at some point, an actress said to a bishop. And those parents? Not believing their child in such a time of peril? They’re monsters, utter monsters.

And speaking of monsters, do I ever have a treat in store for you tomorrow. We’ll be continuing this procession of paranormal prose with a more bitter delight, in which the fiends might just have the upper hand. I’ll see then for another inconceivable installment of…



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