The Thai-light Zone – Episode 1

I really should have saved this for Hallowe’en but I just couldn’t wait for this series of posts. Last week I had my high school kids try their hands at completely unguided creative writing. The only instruction they received was a short brainstorming session on genres of fiction, which in itself was highly amusing:

“Okay, what kids of stories can we have?”
“Erm, funny?”
“Excellent, we call that ‘comedy’!”
“Well done, that’s my favourite”
“Errrrrrrrm, we’ll maybe leave that for now…”

Anyway the class was hit and miss, some students churning out epics and some barely writing a word. I managed to scan through them and saved some of the horror stories (mistakes, illustrations and all) for this very purpose, a five-day festival of frights and chills, tales which will make your flesh creep and set your teeth on edge. Are you ready for a journey through a world where nothing is as it seems, where demons, vampires and mangled tenses lurk round every corner? Do you, gentle reader, have the stomach for the ghosts, the goblins and the utter disregard  for personal pronouns? If so then follow me to…

The Thai-light Zone!

Our first tale is the heart-stopping story of a young boy and his revenge against the monster which killed his parents. From the pen of Yai I give you:

Joe and dark Dimond

There is one boy. He name is Joe. His parent were killed by the monster 3 year ago. It name is Dark Dimond. Dark Dimond is the king of all monster in the world. Joe sent his e-mail to Dark Dimond. In the e-mail Joe said “Dark Dimond if you don’t scar me you will came to my farm”.

One month later Dark Dimond is came to the farm. Dark Dimond and Joe fought in the farm. Joe kicked Dark Dimond stomush. Dark Dimond  punched Joe face. Joe did a flying kick to Dark Dimond. And than Dark Dimond is died.

All the monsters died when their king died. And the world was very peaceful later. THE END!!!

The end indeed. Looks like Joe triumphed over the monsters and got his revenge. But it’s not the end of our series, oh no. Tune in tomorrow for another terrifying, blood-curdling, bone-chilling episode of…



One response to “The Thai-light Zone – Episode 1

  1. I like the use of email to communicate with the dark half. Dark Dimond is clearly further advanced technologically than most of his kind. I wonder what provider he uses. Does he Skype?

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