Been a couple of weeks since the last update, guess I’d best fill the space. There are a couple of reasons for the absence, first and foremost being that I’ve been occupied saying my farewells to Em who has now been away for 5 days. I miss her immensely and must admit to having indulged in a spot of moping which has kept me away from this blog and other pursuits. However, thanks to the wonder that is Skype I can talk to her and see her every day, something that keeps me going through the long days and hot nights.

There are a few things to keep me occupied for the next week. First off we’ve finally hired two new teachers, Rosie and Shane, who will both be arriving within the next 24 hours and will, of course, need introduced to the wonders of Surat. They’re here to replace selfish swine who went and skipped out on their contracts, leaving us all in the lurch and covering classes, so we’ve got to be extra-nice and make sure they hang around.

On top of that I have some extra lesson plans to write to help Kelsey out, a review of World War Z to write for my friend’s Young Adult fiction site, I’ve got to see if I can figure out why Jon’s wedding video site is slipping down the Google rankings and, finally, I’ve got to work on my fledgling Rock Star skills. Yes, Moss decided that in light of the demise of his television we should be the custodians of the Wii for the foreseeable future. Bye-bye life! Actually it’s just what was needed seeing as I’m trying to save every penny I can over the next few months.

That’s all that’s going on for now. I’ll post something more substantial in the coming week (still brewing that rant about Thai drivers) but until then I say, to my three readers, arrivederci, auf wiedsersehen and cheery-bye.


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