365 Pictures – 29th August 2010

Been a couple of weeks since the last batch, must remember to upload these more regularly…

No. 28, 12th August 2010 - Detail from the Chinese temple next to the night market in town

No. 29, 13th August 2010 - Storm clouds approaching over my old flat, to the rear of the current one

No. 30, 15th August 2010 - Shopping for dinner with Joel and Kelsey at Donnok market

No. 31, 16th August 2010 - This is how I get through my days: internet, coffee and opiates

No. 32, 17th August 2010 - Last few days with Em, chilling at Gun Et Te

No. 33, 18th August 2010 - Sometimes I get bored at work, luckily we have plasticine to alleviate it...

No. 34, 19th August 2010 - My trophy wall at The Language where my kids' drawings go 🙂

No. 35, 20th August 2010 - Em and I having lunch at Khanom Hill Resort

No. 36, 21st August 2010 - Stuck in the flat with food poisoning so, erm, a Santa hat and Christmas lights...

No 37, 22nd August 2010 - Em's last night in town. What better way to spend it than having a couple of beer's at Alex's shop. Oh, and Cass dropped by too...

No. 38, 23rd August 2010 - Em's last day, a farewell smoothie at Gun Et Te 😦

No. 39, 24th August 2010 - Work night out at Lucky's, loving the expressions on Joel, Kelsey and Jason...

No. 40, 25th August 2010 - Surat's rooftops from my classroom on the top floor of The Language

No. 41, 26th August 2010 - Golf, Jub, Pud and Bam in a more playful moment at The Language. Love this class 🙂

No. 42, 27th August 2010 - Donuts! Cass bought a ton for Janet, John and Mitch's housewarming.

No. 43, 28th August 2010 - Moss and Joel getting into the groove on Rock Star, the newest addition to the flat (thanks Moss!)


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