365 Pictures – 13th August 2010

Time for more photos…

01/08/2010 - Homemade deep-fried pork and shrimp wontons for dinner with the roomies

02/08/2010 - Meat-on-a-stick at the night market, one of my lifelines in Surat

03/08/2010 - Kelsey's birthday at Baan Kaset, I love those decorations

04/08/2010 - Buddha keeping watch on the gates of Suratpittaya

05/08/2010 - This one time, at band camp... Preparations for the Princess's visit to my school

06/08/2010 - I like trains, I love books, so Hua Hin's train-carriage library made me smile 🙂

07/08/2010 - Monkey mountain at Prachuap Khiri Khan. So many photos to choose from, I went for this one because of the freaky eyes. I'll save the monkey-sex one for later...

08/08/2010 - Em getting quizzical at Waghor Aquarium

09/08/2010 - Silhouettes on the sand at Hua Hin

10/08/2010 - Swimming pool in Hua Hin. Add a couple of full stops and you get "Please do not swim. The hotel will not be responsible for anything special. You have skin infection." Charming...

11/08/2010 - Bidding adieu to Joel and Kelsey at Deer's reggae/booze stand on the pier

12/08/2010 - En route to Bangkok cafe in Surat

More to come soon, time to get some marking done now though.


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