365 Pictures – 1st August 2010

THe Dolphin mobile hanging outside my flat, was taking random snaps while waiting to leave for Khao Sok. Sometimes I like this one, other times I think it's ugly. Go figure.

Meet Crivvens (formerly known as Alistair), the gorgeous Siamese kitten at Nung House in Khao Sok. He's a whizz at Scrabble...

Usually my camera sucks at close-ups, especially in low light, so I was pleasantly surprised by how well this came out. Chillin' with the lizards deep in the jungle of Khao Sok.

For some reason I only took 3 photos this day. This one wins cause Em is lovely 🙂

28/07/10 - Sports week at Suratpittaya. I loved the colours around the school, so much more fun than sports days back home.

29/07/10 - My young class at The Language. How can you not smile when teaching a class like this?

30/07/2010 - Joel indulging in a spot of Wii archery at Em and Sunny's leaving party

31/07/2010 - Wall hanging at Bangkok Cafe in Surat

That’s all for this week. I realise that this is kind of a cheating way to update the blog so I’m brewing a few rants which should make an appearance over the next week. Topics to include:

  • Why I hate driving in this country.
  • Myths about Thailand, Thai culture and Thai people.
  • The prevalence of fucking hippies with rotting brains you’ll encounter while traveling in this part of the world and the ‘knowledge’ the feel compelled to share with you.

Until then, peace out 🙂


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