365 Pictures – 24th July 2010

Okay, second installment of the photos. Leaving for Kho Sok in about half an hour and still not packed so don’t expect much in the way of explanations 🙂

18/07/2010 - An afternoon of watching movies, eating popcorn and writing a pub quiz at Em's. Yay for Sundays.

19/07/2010 - My desk at Suratpittaya. The emaciated mummy and pile of books to mark says it all.

20/07/2010 - Stopped after the night market to see some fireworks going off by the OTOP stalls. The city shrine looks amazing illuminated at night.

21/07/2010 - The view from my balcony at The Language on a sunny day. I like my room...

22/07/2010 - Kids hard at work at Suratpittaya. We're working on animal vocab just now so loved the tiger pencil case.

23/07/2010 - Tribes Of Myanmar apparently. This supertacky statue is resting on a power outlet in thee office at Suratpittaya. I spent some time taking photos there while waiting for the head of our English programme to publicly humiliate and beat some some students from my class. Seriously. Thailand is odd.

That’s your lot for now, should have some good ones after Khao Sok…


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