365 Pictures – July 17th, 2010

So Em and I were in Coolin’ Out last night to check out Mitch “Unleash The Fury” Burbick’s photography exhibition and we got talking to the new teacher, Brian. He mentioned that he’s been taking part in a kinda cool venture whereby one commits to taking at least one photo per day for 365 days and posting them online. From what I gathered it’s supposed to be a photo that encapsulates your day, although I get that impression that you can get away with a quick self-portrait lying in bed if it gets late and you realise you’ve forgotten to take one.

Well this is obviously right up Em’s alley and she’s cunningly cajoled me into taking part as well. With the timing it should mean a series of photos depicting life in Thailand, Scotland, Canada, America, Korea and all points in between.

We have sporadic access to the internet here and often disappear to beaches, jungles and the like so I’ll not be posting daily. Instead I’m going to post one today to get the ball rolling and then do weekly installments, hopefully seven photos every week. Here we go, the first pic as a tribute to the lass who kicked it off…

Putzing about in Cafe-ine on a rainy day in Surat

Well that’s that. Anyone taking bets on how long I keep it up? And by the way, I think a certain Lindsay Mathers should try this too seeing as she came into ownership/custodianship of a rather nifty camera not too long ago…


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