Making Plans (or “I really should know better by now…”)

Well it’s been a hell of a journey so far. I’ve come to the other side of the world, started work in an entirely new field, discovered I actually like it (I previously thought all work was a form of punishment) and even fell in love along the way. I’ve been in bike crashes, played with monkeys, been bitten by every mosquito in Thailand (twice) and, in revenge, eaten several bugs myself. With all that’s happened it’s  only natural that my previous plans have long since gone out the window and been replaced by all-new ones. Kinda stoopid cause I know that plans only ever exist so they can go wrong but maybe this time will be different 🙂

So where am I going from here? Well let’s see…

First thing is I’m going to offload the flat back home. There’s nothing more annoying than living a dream life but constantly having the kind of worry that goes hand in hand with a stranger living in a piece of property you’re legally responsible for. Not fun. It’s gotta go. To be fair, the way the property market is right now I’d make just as much money having that capital locked away in a bank account as I would keeping it in the flat. At least a bank account won’t get repossessed if I screw up the mortgage payments and I won’t have to fork out a few grand if the account’s plumbing freezes up in the winter.

Hopefully I can handle all the legal paperwork while still in Thailand but it’ll still require a trip home to sort out bank accounts and replace my lost driving license, so it looks like I’ll be gracing Scotia with my presence again come December. It’s not going to be for long, I can’t afford to stay there longer than a couple of weeks on my meagre teacher’s savings, but it should be a big fortnight. To those back in the ‘Burgh – please arrange some gigs by top international metal acts and prepare your floor space and sofas for some world-class collapsing.

(Doc – if you read this I hope you still have your Whisky Society membership…)

Despite all the fun and new faces I’ve been really missing some of my friends back home. I genuinely don’t miss living in Edinburgh at all, although I’ll always love the place, but I do wish I could transplant some people over here. It’ll be so relaxing to slip back into my old accent, talk some utter crap about nothing in particular for several hours and, for once, not be the whitest person in the room apart from Gaz.

Obviously the crisp Scottish winter is going to be something of a shock to the system, especially if what I heard about last year’s is anything to go by, but the next leg will be even worse. Possibly even suicidal.

It’s my old man’s 60th birthday this year, just before Christmas, so I’m hopefully going to make it over to Toronto to surprise him for a few days. I missed my mum’s 60th last year so it’ll be awesome if I can manage it for my dad. No idea if there’s anything planned so it could well just be me and him sitting in front of the telly and drinking 18-year old malts all night but hey, I can live with that. What I might not be able to live with is Canadian weather.

I admit it, Thailand has turned me into a big Jessie when it comes to the cold. I still profess to love cold weather and to sleep much easier when it’s chilly but I think my definition of ‘cold’ has changed somewhat over the past months. Put it this way, mid-thirties is my normal. It’s only hot if it’s over forty. Cold? Man, I start shivering when the mercury drops below twenty these days… To cap it all  have NO warm-weather clothes, nothing but a wardrobe full of shorts, t-shirts, sandals and flimsy fisherman’s pants. It’s gonna take a hell of a shopping spree to get me up to speed.

And speaking of needing some heavy-duty clothes, after that is when things get scary (but good scary). I’m done rambling for now though so I’ll save that for another installment…


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