Election time! Cuntfest 2010!

Woo, almost election time. Now I’m not saying that Labour and the Tories are both packs of cunts. Or that Labour are only less cunty than than the Tories by a tiny wee margin. But seriously, they’re both cuntier than a cuntastrophic cuntsplosion in a cunt factory. So why not direct votes elsewhere? Let’s stop the UK from remaining the United Kuntdom. Lib Dems and Greens are relatively cuntfree, SNP slightly less so but still utterly uncunty compared to the muckle cunts.

OK, so I’m writing this from a country where the rabid followers of a multibillionaire thief are dowsing government buildings in blood in an attempt to remove a violently-inclined pseudo-government installed by the umpteenth military coup in recent history. Doesn’t make Cuntdon Brown or David Cuntmeron any less cunty. Oh and that reminds me – my dad made Brown cry in a rugby match in high school. Fucking win.

Anyway, I was inspired to write/rant this by the rather smart David Colquhoun. He said more or less the same thing but in well, rather more acceptable and less hellbound prose. I recommend reading his post on his always-excellent blog for a more reasoned account of exactly why the incumbent government are spunkpuddles of the highest order.

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