Happy Hogmanay!

Em and I had this beach to ourselves on New Years Eve...

The festive period over here was awesome, had a truly fantastic time. Christmas in Bangkok with Em, Cass and Em’s cousin Shawna. New Year on Ko lanta with Em and a host of other teachers. Details to follow over the next few days but in the meantime, here’s a bullet point summary 🙂

  • Mulled wine
  • Egyptian Christmas lunch
  • Karaoke
  • Chatuchak weekend market
  • Real bread and cheese!
  • Tropical island
  • Pristine, deserted beaches
  • Absence of tourist/’traveller’ fuckwits
  • Real whisky (Glenlivet, thanks Em!)
  • Best Panang curry in existence
  • Seeing in the bells in a deckchair on a beach while endless fireworks erupt overhead and the sky fills with paper lanterns to the point where you’d swear they were actual constellations and you can make out the wind currents from where they’re floating.

Yup, it was fun. Back to work now but I don’t care cause the memories are still fresh and I have trips to Khanom and Khao Sok lined up for later in the month. I love this place…


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