Koh Phangan

Been a while since the last post, let’s say Em has been keeping me somewhat pre-occupied 😉 That and work of course, despite being in a tropical paradise it does turn into something of a grind after a while. Mind you we still do get the chance to kick back now and again so when a long weekend (Monday holiday for the King’s birthday) cropped up, a few off us jumped at the chance and darted to Koh  Phangan for a couple of nights.

Headed over on the nightboat on Friday after a brief stop at Coolin’ Out for Vee’s birthday, had to get a look at the chocolate guitar cake I heard had been baked for him. Essentially a two foot long guitar shaped brownie topped with chocolate icing 🙂 The nightboat was a bit of fun but I got no sleep on it bar a couple of hours. I was sleeping between Kelsey and Michelle (Em couldn’t make it) and apparently at one point I was spooning Michelle, then later Kelsey woke up to find she was holding my hand. Fun and games.

The other Michelle (my flatmate) was already there when we arrived and had found us a place to stay, pretty cool wee resort called Coral Bungalows which only charged 300 baht a night for a room that could sleep three people comfortably. After a wee walk on the beach and a bit of grub we decided to hire scooters and check out another beach we’d heard about.

Worst. Journey. Ever.

To get to this beach we had to leave the main road and head across the mountains on jungle dirt trails. These bikes aren’t exactly designed for off-roading so it was hairy to say the least, one and a half hours of pure stress involving one minor crash and several near misses! Kelsey and Michelle came a cropper on some gravel (just a few scratches) and I had a couple of nerve-jarring skids. Keep in mind this was after getting no sleep so my nerves were already shot to shit. At least the beach was worth it, a secluded little slice of paradise with no drunk tourists, no litter, no loud music, just some chilled wee bars, pristine sand and crystal clear water.

Had a less stressful journey back then hit the beach near our resort, a place called Haad Rin where they have the famous full moon parties. It was deserted because it was the King’s birthday and nowhere is allowed to play music or anything like that, they can still serve booze but aren’t allowed noise. It worked out kinda well cause a few folk wanted to do shroom shakes (perfectly legit there) so the lack of drunk twats was a boon. I had fun just watching them all grinning, laughing and talking amusing crap for a while.

Next day we went back to Haad Rin and I rekindled my loathing of tourists – the water there was hideous, just full of bits of plastic and other crap. Bah. Still had fun though, got more food and went back for more of the same at night, this time with music, fire dancers, fire limbo, fire jump-ropes and other bits of flammable frolics.

Had a run-in on the way home though, some fat Thai fuckball jumped out of his SUV just as I was getting back to the resort, grabbed me and demanded to see my ID, claiming he was a cop. He blatantly wasn’t so I told him to get fucked and that I didn’t have my passport anyway. He started shouting, saying he was a cop and that I had to give him 4,000 baht. I kept telling him to get fucked till a guy appeared at a window and I asked him to call the cops. That spooked the big fella so he high-tail it, not before launching a rock at my head though! I was raging, took me a while to calm down after that :p

And that was that, chilled by the pool for a while the next day to shake off the hangovers, waiting an interminably long time for a ferry/bus back home and headed straight round to Em’s for a warm welcome and a much-needed night’s sleep. Next on the horizon are Christmas in Bangkok, New Year at Krabi and an April break either in Vietnam and Cambodia or trekking out to Ellora in India. Cannae wait.

On another note – photos, or the recent lack of them on here. I post all my photos to Facebook cause it’s the easiest way to let all my friends see them and keep them updated when new ones go live. However not everyone has Facebook so I’m going to open a Shutterfly account, upload everything there and let folk peruse them at will. Will keep y’all posted with a URL as soon as I have one…


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