Happy-happy joy-joy

So what’s happened since the last post?

Hmm, let me see…

Well, to paraphrase the popular song, I kissed a girl and god-damn, did I like it. Yes, it would seem that Em, described in the last post as “possibly the coolest gal in Surat Thani” has been promoted to “definitely the coolest gal in the world”. We’ve been together a mere week now but I’m the happiest of campers, and probably making my flatmates sick with my incessant chirpiness and smiles 🙂

Events leading up to the current situation have been a ridiculous comedy of errors – fancied each other since the same night many moons ago, each thought the other wasn’t interested, each put out equally blatant signs which the other, god knows how, managed to misinterpret, even sharing a double bed in a beach hut on Koh Samui without anything happening – but we’ve finally managed to get together.

And it’s awesome.

I haven’t laughed and smiled so much since, well, I honestly can’t remember when. The icing on the cake is that last night she confessed to me her three ‘guilty pleasures’, believing that I’d now think her some kind of a weirdo or deviant. Those three pleasures?

Kung-fu, anime and graphic novels.


Can a guy get any happier? I don’t know but it seems to be happening every day…

(I’ll probably be posting about Em at length in the future, right now my head’s still too spinny to do the lass justice 🙂 )


2 responses to “Happy-happy joy-joy

  1. ah your Kung Fu, anime and graphics novels FB status now makes more sense! Not that there’s *anything* non-sensible about thinking about those things!

    Get Ubuntu 9.10 on yer netbook btw, it rocks!

  2. Yeah, grinned inanely for many an hour after she told me that. All I need to do now is work on getting her into Suicidal Tendencies, that might be more of a challenge :p

    Gonna upgrade to 9.10 when I get to school today, got no classes but have to turn up for prep hours so will happily abuse their shitty net connection…

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