Random updates

Hmm, it’s been an up-and-down few days, let’s go through the events in order.

First off I managed, somehow, to get a dose of food poisoning on Sunday. That was… unpleasant. The day started off innocuously enough; had breakfast, went to the gym for some weights, a run and a cool-down swim, lunch at a place on the river I’ve been to a few times then chilling out for a while before heading to the second hand market for a rummage.

(On a side note I managed to pick up a pink t-shirt emblazoned with the logos of Van Halen, The Scorpions, Dokken and Metallica, now my favourite t-shirt so thanks to Michelle for nudging me into getting it)

Shortly before hitting the market my guts had started to act up – not an uncommon occurrence for newbies out here because of all the wierd and wonderful foods, the climate, etc. However, as soon as I got home and shut the door to my room all hell broke loose. It seems that every little control centre in my noggin went haywire, giving rise to the following list of symptoms simultaneously: cold sweats; fever; shaking; aching limbs; vomiting; diarrhoea; pounding headache; even auditory hallucinations in the form of repeatedly hearing people calling my name.

Seriously fucked in other words.

I’m no big jessie though (at least not these days, shut it Sarah) and managed to haul my ass into school the next day, despite having discovered the truth behind the saying “never trust a fart in Thailand”. By the end of the day it was more or less situation normal and now I’m back to one hundred percent. I suppose this happens to most new arrivals sooner or later, just as well I got it out of my system before I started my full teaching schedule.

The rest of the post is less grim thankfully. At long last I’ve managed to find a tenant for my flat in Edinburgh, something that was starting to weigh seriously on my mind and was even on the verge of jeopardising my continued ability to stay here. Every month council tax and  mortgage payments were leaking out of my bank account with nothing to balance them up but now I’m sorted, at least for the next six months. Whoop!

Finally, I’ve managed to secure myself some wheels at long last. For the next month or so I’m renting a scooter from a cheerful chap called Des until such point as neighbour Nick joins his girlfriend in Chiang Mai and sells me his (significantly flashier) one. At the moment I just needed something to get me from A to B without the soaking of sweat entailed by walking and also something which will let me get used to Thai traffic in a gentle fashion. Des’s wee machine fits the bill perfectly.

He took me out to a secluded part of town last night and showed me the ropes, dead simple really – automatic clutch, four gears (shift up and down with left foot), brakes on the right hand and foot and that’s about it. Actually the brakes are kinda odd when you’re used to cycling – the rear brake is on your foot but I instinctively use my hands. Another difference from cycling is that you have to keep your distance from the kerb as people tend to pull out with little or no warning whereas I’m used to hugging the kerb for dear life back home. It’ll all come with practice though.

So for now I’m off to have a little explore and get a little lost before heading into school. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!


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