Ma hoose, in the middle o’ ma street

Finally got round to taking some photos of what will be my home for the foreseeable future. Like I said in a previous post it’s pretty good by Thai standards, especially as I’m getting it for free, although to be honest I could get somewhere else as good or better for about 2,000 Baht (£35-40) per month. Still, this is home for the time being so I ain’t going to complain. It’s a three-storey building in a small Soi full of western teachers (they call it Soi Farang around here) and is pretty quiet apart from the odd elephant or string of Chinese firecrackers. Seriously. Anyway, ours is the middle one in this photo with Flatmate Jeff’s girlfriend’s pick-up parked out front. My room’s at the back of the first floor.


Here’s the guided tour…

First off is the living room. To be honest this isn’t really used at all as our flat (and by ‘our I mean me, Jamie and Jeff) isn’t much of a social hub at the moment and they both have girlfriends so only spend half their time here anyway. The only things of note are a scabby sofa which the kittens are slowly shredding, a TV which I have yet to see turned on and a terrapin in a tank by the telly.


Jamie and Jeff are moving out in October – Jamie to a new flat with his girlfriend, Clare, and Jeff back home to the States – so at that point I’ll be getting new flatmates and will try to have the place turned around before they arrive. A couple of fans, some extra lighting, just generally spruce the place up a bit and make it more liveable. I’m sure a couple of newbies without significant others to keep them occupied will welcome a place they can chill out and get over their jetlag.

Even more important will be gutting the kitchen/dining room area. This isn’t really used either, partly because the strip light in the kitchen blew a while ago and my undomesticated flatmates had no clue how to fix it and partly because it’s currently a tip. I would blitz it now and get everything shipshape but that would be a pointless endeavour seeing as the kittens are in their exploratory phase right now so are hellbent on wrecking everything in sight. It’ll have to wait till the great flatmate switch, then I get get it in a state where I can actually cook – would love some lessons on how to make proper kick-ass Thai meals…


For the time being though this is my room. It’s basic but it’s a decent size, well-ventilated (good mozzie netting means I can keep the doors and windows open) and has a wee balcony for me to hang out clothes on. In this heat it’s amazing how quickly they dry, towels go from soaked to good as new in an hour tops.


So yeah, nothing special but none too bad at all. Nothing like as bonny as Sarah’s place in Berlin but that’s to be expected, Thailand is hardly famed for architecture and quality craftsmanship. ‘Tis home, and that’s good enough for me.

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