Little differences

I ain’t in Kansas any more, that’s for sure. Things are different. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Here are a few common troublesome scenarios, with examples of how we’d resolve them in Scotland and how it’s done over here.

Scenario 1

You really want to go out to the pub/club with your friends but you’re sadly lacking in cash. All you have is a bottle of whisky sitting in the flat and a measly few quid.

Scotland – Sit in your flat on your own drinking the whisky and watching telly. Wallow in your sad, pathetic life.

Thailand – Take the whisky to the pub and just pay for mixers! Yeah, you can bring your own bottle, they don’t care. Also, if you buy a bottle in a boozer you can take what you don’t finish home with you. Everyone’s a winner!

Scenario 2

You’ve made it into the club and you’re dancing around having a grand old time. All of a sudden a random Thai guy comes up to you smiling and offers you some of his drink.

Scotland – Date rape! Date rape! The guy’s obviously trying to drug you so you take the only logical course of action and smash a bottle in his face. All sorts of trouble with cops and bouncers ensues.

Thailand – Congratulations, you’ve just made a new friend! Offering another guy a sip of your drink is just a way of saying hi so accept it and enjoy the party.

Scenario 3

The club has closed, It’s 5am. You’re a good way from your flat, very tired and pretty drunk. Your choices seem to be walk, taxi, tuk-tuk or ride your moped back.

Scotland – Either of the first two choices would work, most likely the second which will cost you ten quid or so.

Thailand – What’s the point of having a moped if you don’t use it? The concept of drunk-riding is pretty popular here and the cops will only rarely stop a farang, either if you’re absolutely blind drunk or they’re skint and need some bribe money.

Scenario 4

You arrive home at 5:15 but you and your flatmates still fancy a drink. There’s none in the flat, what do you do?

Scotland – You grumble about it then slope off to bed, dry as a bone.

Thailand – You go to a 24-hour off-license and keep the party truckin’ on as long as you damn well please. Or if you’re lucky you go to a restaurant for some food and a pint. Opening hours? Licensing laws? These concepts don’t exist here.

And that’s just a taster, this place has surprises at every turn and most of them are good. Come try it 🙂

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