It’s raining, it’s pouring

Just got my first taster of the impending monsoon season after emerging from my first session at the woefully-equipped-but-at-sixty-quid-a-year-I-ain’t-complaining local gym. After a grey, humid day the threatening skies finally let loose, with me stranded a twenty minute walk from the flat. Thankfully there are tuk-tuks all over the place so I wasn’t too soaked, although the one I ended up in was in such a comical state of disrepair I ended up with soaked feet and the driver spent most of  the journey wiping the running water off the inside of the windscreen. I had the chap drop me off at the dry, cosy internet cafe where I’m typing this and supping the prettiest latte I’ve ever had.

Apparently though, today’s drenching was nothing compared to what’s looming on the horizon. Come November it’s gonna get serious.  Proper rain for proper people. We’re talking about a constant wall of water descending from the sky, where you’ll be literally soaked to the skin within seconds of standing outside.

Personally I can’t wait, one of the reasons I hate rain in Scotland is that it’s invariably one of two kinds – either pissy, pathetic, verging-on-but-not-quite rain or it’s the intensely annoying horizontal variety which invariably occurs in the coldest temperatures and feels like someone chucking tiny shards of broken glass at your face. Monsoon rain, although I’ve yet to properly experience it, is so intense it’s not even worth getting grumpy about it, you just don either a heavy-duty mac or a pair of swimming trunks and make the most of it.

Actually, that’s a point. I know that at least a  couple of folk who read this were hinting at maybe coming to visit in the not-too-distant future. If that means any time before next year then I recommend holding off till the rain is well and truly gone. There will be nothing to do as all the national parks become no-go areas (flooding, leeches, etc) and the locals who are the life and soul of the  place tend to stay indoors more than normal. You can imagine that street markets aren’t much cop when you have to swim from stall to stall…

On another note, got yet another party tonight, this time for a lovely fella called Rob who’s heading back to the UK. Could involve some rooftop fun if the weather improves a little; we were on the roof of his place drinking at three o’clock this morning, it was exceptionally cool and I’m actually considering leaving the free accommodation I’m in and taking over the lease there when his two flatmates leave in November. If I can find two more willing accomplices to move in it’s only 2,000 baht (£40) per month including bills for a significantly shinier place than my current abode. Less than 10% of my salary – winner.

Final thing before I go. I’ve succumbed to the lure of the moped – everyone here has one – and may try to buy one tomorrow, assuming I can find some veteran willing to help me pick out a decent one for a decent price. I was just going to get a pedal bike but the extra range of the moped plus the impending rains makes it a more  sensible choice. I’ll probably end up with both but the moped is top of the priority list right now. If I’m successful I’ll post some pics right away. Excited 🙂


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