Happy tummy!

Today I am eternally grateful to Jon and Rachel for suggesting that we try the tasting menu at The Kitchin, Tom Kitchin’s Michelin-starred place down in Leith. We headed in last night at a slightly unusual 9:15pm and, well, let’s just say the rules of the food game have now changed forever.  Right now I’m kinda rushed and would need hours to do the whole thing justice so in the meantime I’m just going to tell you what we were treated to. I could just photograph the wee souvenir menu and post it instead but I want to actually write it by hand so I can relive every single mind-blowing course.

Oh, and we had a specially selected wine with each course. Fuck me. Wine never used to taste like that…

Chilled broccoli soup served with a blue cream cheese

Tartare of mackerel from Eyemouth, served with apple and cooked and raw beetroot from the Isle Of Arran

Razorfish (Spoots)
Razorfish from Arisaig, cooked to order and served with diced vegetables, chorizo and lemon confit (this one had squid in it too but the menu doesn’t mention it for some reason)

Pig’s Head & Scallop
Boned and rolled pig’s head, served with a hand-dived scallop from Orkney and a crispy ear salad

Poached wild turbot from Scrabster, served with ink pasta and a saffron and summer vegetable sauce (the sauce tasted like what you get on good sticky toffee pudding – shouldn’t work but it was outstanding!)

Rump of lamb from Dornoch, served with roasted artichoke, stuffed tomato and garlic confit

A selection of Scottish and French cheeses served from the trolley (this was optional and I almost passed it up, sooooo glad I didn’t)

Hibiscus panacotta served with creme fraiche sorbet and a redcurrant consomme

To top it all off I had some delicious peppermint tea accompanied by a selection of petits fours, all of which were obviously amazing. From now on every single meal I have is going to be compared to this and will inevitably come up wanting.

So there you have it. My name is Kitchin, cook of cooks. Look on my food ye mighty and despair…

(More regular posting to resume once I get back to Thailand in a few days, honest.)

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