Old dog, new tricks

Been learning how to do some ball-sweatingly cool moves this past week seeing as my right fist is out of action while the bruising goes down. The triple-elbow combo was pretty cool for starters – left uppercut elbow (‘tak’), left elbow, right elbow. I can do all three parts pretty smoothly one after the other, a rarity for me, so it feels pretty damn satisfying to pull it off and even better when you hear the hearty thwacks on the pad.

Learned another one today though which is even better. It starts off with a left jab, swiftly followed by a sort of spinning reverse right elbow (dunno what it’s called, language barrier and all that), then back to normal stance for a normal right elbow. When I do it right I feel like I’m in a kung-fu movie 🙂

(Even better, I’ve seen myself do it in the mirrors by the bag area and I manage not to look like an epileptic quadrospazz)

On a random note, just finished dinner here and it was, erm, a bit baffling to be honest. As I posted previously, the meals here are right tasty and perfectly nutritious, it’s just that sometimes the chef’s seem to have mild brainfarts and decide that the best option for an evening meal is rice with raisins (good start in my book) accompanied by a chicken drumstick, three mini hot dogs and a fried egg. This isn’t an eight-year  old from Kirkcaldy being left to his own devices while his folks are out, this is an actual Thai chef. In Thailand.

‘Twas right tasty though.


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