Overdoing it?

The venerable Ehdee See left a comment earlier urging me to take care while at the camp and not to go too mental. In fact similar advice has been coming in from several corners, suggesting that my friends are either concerned and caring or just a bunch of big jessies. Anyway, I thought I may as well actually write down what I’m doing on a daily basis to see if it makes me look at it any differently – it’s just impossible to stop or even slow down when the blood is pumping…

The pre-training warm-up is actually pretty gentle, I’ll do maybe 10 of 15 minutes of weights followed by 20-25 mins of running. It’s usually a case of 10-15 mins at 10/11kph then 10 mins of intervals going from 6kph to 15kph, 1 minute each.

That’s followed up by a LOT of stretching. I noticed after the first couple of sessions that if you don’t get proper stretches in you’re going to seriously hurt. I know there were some recent studies carried out in Canada which cast serious doubt on the efficacy of stretching in preventing injury but it certainly reduces muscle tightness after a session.

Training itself is pretty hardcore. First off there’ll be a couple of rounds of shadow boxing (all rounds are 4 mins with a 1 min break in between) as a gentle way to ease you into it and to practice stance and balance. Then we kick into 6 or 7 rounds on the pads with your trainer, either doing combos or working on particular techniques – exhausting stuff in this heat, I’m always drenched with sweat after the first round. My arms are always dying by the end of it due to constantly holding my guard up and I’ve knacked my knuckles to the point where I’m having to give my right  hand a break for a couple of days*.

Once that’s out of the way I’ll move onto the bags  to practice techniques – 100 kicks, 100 foot jabs, 100 knees, various combinations of punches/elbows and a couple of rounds bouncing on a tyre to help with stance and balance. Your own trainer helps here to a certain extent but typically various trainers will rock up to you and offer hints and tips, it’s a great time for learning from other people.

Finally it’s time for freestyle workout. I’m trying to do a minimum of 150 sit-ups, 100 push-ups and 50 chin-ups at each session, adding in various other exercises depending on how I feel, how hot it is and how long I have till food is served! Current vogue in the camp is to have someone either punch you or hit you with a pad in your stomach as yhou lie back on your sit-ups – painful but effective and oh so very manly 🙂

After this comes the reward – a 20 minute dip in the pool (even if it’s pissing down rain), quick shower and then food.

All of the above happens twice a day, from 06:30 and 14:30 so that’s the minimum level. Of course I sometimes add in an extra weights session in the afternoon or evening to keep me ticking over.

Is that overdoing it?

* – If any fighters back home have tips for sore knuckles I’d love to hear ’em…


5 responses to “Overdoing it?

  1. Sarah The Ex

    Do you wrap your own hands or do the trainers do it for you? Try creating a pad with the handwrap first before starting to wrap, it’ll give you a bit of protection. Unfortunately I can’t begin to think how I’d describe it without showing you. Good luck!

  2. Cheers, one of the other fighters here is going to show me a way of adding extra padding with the wrap before this afternoon’s session, something to do with folding the wraps in half before going over the knuckle (I do my own but my trainer said it was fine). If it doesn’t work I’ll just focus on elbows, knees, kicks and clinches for the rest of the week and give it a rest. Pretty sure it’s just bruising from what I can read online, there’s a good hospital nearby if it doesn’t clear up though.

  3. Hi there

    Found your blog whilst surfing. Great read.
    Thinking of making a trip to fairtex in septemeber.
    Was wondering if there is much clinch work there. You havent mentioned it in the daily routine and it would be a big thing for me.


  4. Basically you can do as much or as little clinch work as you want, they’ll tailor the training to your needs and ability. I didn’t start doing clinching till my last week there which is why I didn’t mention it in earlier blog entries.

    I definitely recommend heading out there if you get the chance, great place.

  5. Thanks, probably gonna spend a week at fairtex and then move on to kaewsamrit or Jittis, spent a couple of excellent weeks at Jittis last year.

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