They call me Mellow yellow

Mellows is officially the best bar in the world.

Looks like it’s straight out of a Vietnam war movie? Check
Serves massive, mouthwatering chicken skewers for 30 baht (£0.60) each? Check
A plate of fried Thai beef jerky for less than two quid? Check
500 ml bottles of Tiger beer? Check
Will bring a bottle of Black Label and as many glasses as you need to your table for 800 baht (£16)? Check
Will let you bring your own  spirits for a couple of bucks corkage? Check
Hot waitresses in tight dresses advertising their various beers? Check
Bands playing the cheesiest synth-pop known to man? Check
Machine gun on the bar? Check

Suddenly every single pub back home seems dull as  hell…


One response to “They call me Mellow yellow

  1. revelling in all that decadent luxury … you dog!

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