Thalailand – A Day At Fairtex

06:10 – Wake up, try to figure out where the hell i am and what the hell I’m doing. Why is is so damn humid? What’s that sound like a giant fan? Oh, it’s a giant fan. Aah, I’m in Thailand.

06:12 – Swig of water, stumble into a cold shower to wake myself up

06:15 – Into training gear, head to the gym for warm-ups

06:20 – Bit of stretching, 15-30 mins running (depending how I’m feeling), half-heartedly arse about on the other machines, sweat profusely

06:50 – Head to the training rings, get the hand wraps on, more stretching

07:00 – Time for seven or so rounds on the pads with my trainer. Drilling through all the techniques – punches, elbows, knees, kicks, blocks, clinches. 4 minute rounds with a minute’s break in between, utter agony on the shoulders from all the punching and constantly holding your guard up.

07:45 – Move on to the bags for more drilling of kicks, punches, knees, etc.

08:15 – Freestyle workout, just doing crunches, sit-ups, chin-ups, whatever you feel you can do without collapsing.

08:45 – Hit the swimming pool, the reward after a hard session. Fuck about with all the other guys, lots of bombing, splashing and general teenage behaviour

09:00 – Breakfast! It’s curry time baby, got a post somewhere saved about this

09:30 – Internet time, chilling out in an air-conditioned room with a cup of reasonable coffee

10:30-14:00 – Basically find something to keep you occupied. Favourites seem to be sleeping, reading, watching TV or anything else that involves zero physical exertion. Perhaps hit the gym for some weights or hop a taxi into town for some shopping.

14:30-17:30 – Warm-up, training, pool, dinner

18:00-23:00 – Free time, lots of options here. Bumble around, read, surf the net, hang around and chat with folk. Maybe head off for a Thai massage at the local mall, go into town for more food (hey, we need our protein and carbs) or head to one of the local pubs, only one of which is in walking distance.

23:00-06:10 – Try to sleep. Try oh so hard but realise it’s damn near impossible with the buzzing of the fan and  the heat. Try switching off fan for some peace, feel temperature climbing and humidity becoming unbearable. Grab a couple of hours sleep, filled with the most insane and vivid dreams (more on that later)

Lather, rinse, repeat.

It’s  fucking great.


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