Transformers 2 Review

I’ve possibly never wanted to avoid a film as much as this one seeing as the original pissed all over so many childhood memories and, thanks to Shia LeBeouf, instilled my first genuinely murderous thoughts. Turgid, wanky, stereotypical garbage. For some reason my ex loved it but then again she only ever owned about ten DVDs, and one of those was America’s Sweethearts. People try to argue that it’s just a bit of fun, some mindless action that lets you switch off your brain and relax. I say bullshit, if you want a good bit of brain candy with some pretty explosions you go and watch Die Hard, not this pitiful excuse for a movie.

Anyway the sequel has been unleashed to almost universal rapturous, erm, apathy. Apart from Mike Patton voicing one of the Decepticons I thought it would have no redeeming features but apparently I was too hasty and was just looking at things from the wrong angle. Charlie Anders at io9 has the lowdown on how Michael Bay has finally made and art movie

(Hat-tip to Greta Christina for linking this on Facebook)


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