Another one! And some fun reads…

They’re coming thick and fast now, another school in Taiwan is wanting to interview me. Guess they must be starved for teachers down there as I only sent a few applications as opposed to the gazillions I’ve posted off to Thailand and Japan. Either that means it’s a horrible place to teach so people leave pretty much as soon as they arrive or it’s a genuine shortage which could leave them well-disposed to go out of theior way to treat incoming teachers well. It’s research time…

In the meantime here are a couple of excellent posts from Bad Astronomy about recent developments in bogus medicine. First off it seems that chiropractors here in the UK are on the run after suing Simon Singh for exposing them as frauds, shysters and charlatans. This amuses me. Secondly it seems a massive 10-year, $2.5bn study on ‘alternative’ medicine in the states has finally drawn to a close. The shocking result? Almost none of the so-called medicines had any effect beyond placebo, be it echinacea, gingko boloba or whatever. Thankfully the one herbal treatment I swear by – ginger for upset stomachs – does seem to have some foundation in fact. For the umpteenth time, there is no ‘alternative’ medicine – if supported by evidence it is simply medicine, otherwise it’s just woo.


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