And another!

Got home last night to find an email waiting for me from a company which organises TEFL jobs in various Asian countries, they want to arrange a phone interview with me regarding a couple of positions in Taiwan. It all seems to be happening at once, let’s hope it’s one of those “comes in threes” deals and I get a pop at a Japanese position as well…

In other news, found this awesome site today, ShrinkGeek. It’s a play on ThinkGeek, one of the best gadget/clothes/whatever sites for the modern geek about town, except ShrinkGeek is really performing a public service. Yup, it’s chock full o hints to help those of us addicted to gaming, surfing or general tinkering to actually get fit and lose a few pounds without sacrificing precious screen time. Well worth a look if you’re so inclined 🙂


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