Interview time, w00t!

Dunno why I’m so surprised about this, been sending off so many applications to various teaching institutions in Japan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Taiwan that I can barely remember which job ads I’ve already responded to. I was all too aware at the start of the process just how competitive it was going to be so the lack of responses didn’t come as much of a surprise and I didn’t let it get me down, just kept plugging away. Well it’s finally paid off, got a telephone interview with a fella in Surat Thani at 9am on Saturday.

The more I think about it the more scared I get. How does one conduct a phone interview for a job one has no real experience in? Am I going to be able to remember everything I learned on the TEFL course a whole year ago? They said they were impressed by my application but how much are they going to bore down into my fledgling teaching abilities? It’s pretty daunting…

Yeah, Surat Thani looks bearable I suppose...

Yeah, Surat Thani looks bearable I suppose...

That said I’ve got a huge impetus to prepare and give this my all. Surat Thani is in the south of Thailand, a town of about 125,000 people so a million miles away from the bustle of Bangkok. This is the sort of place I want to teach in – large enough to provide all the necessary creature comforts but not so large that you lose all sense of community and feel like you’re just in any other city around the world. There are Muay Thai schools for me to join, plenty amazing countryside to explore and it’s just a one or two hour ferry trip to Koh Samui for when I need to relax and get into proper tourist mode. Wages aren’t great given the exchange rate but it’s more than enough to live off and have some fun travelling which is all I really need.

Wait! Stop! I’ve not got the job yet! Must stop building the hopes up like that, especially since it’s just a first interview. Plenty things can go wrong and there are plenty other considerations. Still, it’d be nice…

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