Sometimes I hate being on this island. Especially at times like now, when a large portion of those who share this rock with me are deciding to show off their considerable and extremely dangerous ignorance. We just voted for our MEPs (Members Of European Parliament, the politicians who represent us in Brussels) and, as part of an exceedingly ill-informed backlash against the Labour party, some people did some very foolish things.

We now have two members of the British National Party in Brussels. Scrap that, lets call them by their real name, the British Nazi Party. These are disgusting, bigoted, brainless, racist, scumsucking excuses for human beings, the lowest of the low. They’re worse than the Conservatives and even worse than the UKIP.

And people in this country voted them into positions of power.

I’m ashamed, I really am. My only consolation is that they didn’t get a single seat in Scotland, although we’re not entirely blameless. They received an unbelievable 27,000 votes north of the border. I want to track down those people, each and every one, and just ask them why? Are things really that bad? Do you really feel that all we have left is to vote for the reincarnation of Oswald Mosely (don’t laugh, Nick Griffin drew a connection between himself and Britain’s most famous Nazi).

Not only that but almost 17,000 voted for the fucking Christian Party and Christian People’s Alliance! Mind you, maybe that’s their entire voting base. The SSP only managed 10,000 which is crushingly disappointing. At least we held the Tories to third place, although I had hoped the Lib Dems would have taken that spot instead.

Seriously, fuck this island and it’s brainless sheeplike inhabitants. I’m glad I’m leaving, I can’t be part of a place where people gamble so frivolously with our future. An independent Scotland will tempt me back but while we’re chained to a country which shares 50.4% of its votes between the Tories, the UKIP and the Nazis I ain’t hanging around.

(Can’t even be bothered linking to results. The BBC has good, if depressing, coverage)


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