Scarier than zombies…

…is the fact that, having just sold the old flat on Friday, I’ve already had an offer accepted on a new one as of yesterday. In the space of a few days I’ve gone from utterly debt-free and without a care in the world straight back to being chained to the bank and obsessing over surveys, solicitors’ fees, damp, dry rot and a host of other unlikely but nonetheless potential problems.  This stuff was so much less overwhelming and terrifying when I had someone to share the panic with, takes a bit of getting used to when you look for the comforting arm around your shoulder and there’s nowt there.

Meh, it’ll be right. Won’t it?

In other holy-fuck-I’m-shitting-myself news, applications for TEFL jobs in Japan and Thailand are continuing to be sent out at an alarming rate, to an almost deafeningly silent response. I know I’m too late for the school year starting in Thailand so not expecting much there but I’m still trying for business schools and the like. I have one meeting vaguely set up for when I’m over there with Marty, fingers crossed.

Japan is another matter, I already know it’s competitive but you wouldn’t believe the amount of English teaching jobs that are only available to people from North America. In fact some even specify that they want speakers of ‘North American English’! So you’re saying you want to learn the language but only if you can do it wrong? You’re perfectly happy to go through life with an utterly incorrect notion of what irony is? Oh well, fine by me I guess.  I just want a look in is all…

Ach, all this chat is getting me panicked again. Need some chilled music to save the day…


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